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Premium Forums

Unlock a community comprised of publishers and the most thoughtful and thorough cooks online.

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Scout Premium Content

Access exclusive, fresh content every day across the network of 300+ Scout affiliates, including every major MLB, NFL and College team plus various lifestyle/leisure destinations like gardening, DIY and more.



Enjoy kitchen tool reviews and sharpen your skills with various How-To features.


Experience Cooking Club in your own home with our huge quarterly magazine full of spectacular photography, in-depth feature articles, product reviews and member contributions (and more!).

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Online Store

Receive exclusive product offers and member-only discounts on our Online Retail Store.

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Ticket Discount

Members enjoy a 10% discount off any event—sports, concerts, theater and more—at

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Fantasy Gaming Credit - Coming Soon!

Play Daily Fantasy sports FREE with a $10 gaming credit to our affiliate web sites!


Contest & Giveaways

Enter to win incredible cooking experiences, products and more!

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Product Test - Coming Soon!

Use your expertise to test and review products, then keep your gear completely free!

Auto Insurance

Get Special Cooking Club discounted rates for ALL your vehicles!

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Club Credit Card

Enjoy enhanced benefits with the Club credit card!

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Auto Loan

Refinance your loan with Nationwide and save an additional 0.5% on your qualifying loan rate.

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Prescription Discount Card

Save cash on prescription medicine and MinuteClinic visits through RxSavingsPlus.

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Pet Insurance

Last year, VPI paid over $1 million in claims for foreign body ingestion. Get a 5% discount on your monthly premium and guard against high-cost pet procedures.

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Home Equity Line of Credit

Get a 0.5% discount on your qualifying rate and make those long-awaited home repairs!

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